One of the most important appliances in every Indian household is a water purifier. It is essential to drink purified water in India because of multiple reasons. One of the main reasons is that water gets contaminated when stored in an overhead tank for a long period of time. There can be various bad contents in water like bacteria, dirt, minerals chemicals and other impurities that are needed to filtered to make the water safe to drink. Drinking contaminated water can be dangerous for health and can cause multiple diseases and make you unwell.

In India Water Purifiers are available in the market of various brands starting at a low price. But you should only good quality water purifiers as it would have a direct impact on your health and it can be seen as an investment for your health. Major water purifier brands in India include Kent & Blue Star. Kent Water Purifiers have many advanced features including Mineral RO Technology, Double Purification, High Storage Capacity and also have World’s Top Certifications. Kent RO are available in India at lowest prices online with manufacturer’s warranty only at

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