Net Metering

Basically, net metering is an agreement which will enable you to sell excess solar energy to the utility company or buy deficit energy from the utility company and this is done using a meter to track the energy exchange.

Let’s walk you through the process!

The electricity generated by the solar panels will be fed into the utility grid. The household will draw electricity from the utility grid.

The household will pay only for the difference between the energy units it consumes from the grid and the energy units fed into the grid. This will be measured by a bi-directional meter known as Net Meter.

In case the household generates net excess power during a particular billing period, it will earn credit for the excess electricity fed to the grid. This credit is carried forward to the next billing period when the credit is deducted from the total power bill of the consumer. This way the power bill of the household will reduce substantially.

Net metering is currently available in selected cities and you can even get government subsidies. Please give us a call on 09999661265 to find out more. We would provide end to end solution from file submission to installation to make sure you have a hassle-free experience.