Institutional Solutions

With the rapid development of the educational infrastructure in our country, there is a growing need to move to renewable sources of energy to meet the power requirements of schools, colleges, and other institutes. The educational institutions can utilize the savings in electricity bills from solar power to make other investments aimed at enhancing the learning environment. In other words, the school authorities can allocate greater funds to infrastructural developments of the educational institutes.

A major positive with the solar power plant is that they do not need any extra space. They can be installed in the open spaces which are easily available on school rooftops. Moreover, government subsidies of 30% on the cost of the investment are an added advantage. 

What is the right Solar Power Plant Size?

Depending on the area of the school or educational institution, exposure to sun and energy requirements, our technical experts can help you decide the most economically viable solution which will not only allow you to save significant amounts in electricity but, will also allow you to demonstrate yourself as an eco-friendly institute focussed on causing lower environment pollution. In addition to this, having a solar installation on the school campus can act as an opportunity to practically demonstrate to the students how solar energy as a renewable source can be used to generate power and save money.

So, what are you waiting for? Book a free solar consultation with us today and we will take care of everything from here on. Also, our services will not be limited to the installation of the solar system, but we will also assist you with all the documentation required in the application for subsidies, net metering and any other services you might require after the installation.