Industrial Solutions

Electricity costs constitute a large proportion of the operational expenditure of corporates. So, investment in solar panel installation can prove to be a good investment decision for business as this would allow businesses to avoid paying whopping electricity bills every month. This will allow them to not only reduce their overheads but also, not worry about the increase in electricity costs in the future.

If you do not intend to drain a large portion of your business finances into electricity, contact us right now by booking a free solar consultation with one of our technical experts, who will visit your property, assess your requirements and suggest the most economically feasible type and size of the solar plant. You would be amazed to know how rooftop, parking space, and other shadow free areas of your business’ premises can help you save millions of electricity units annually

Moreover, generating electricity in your business premises through a renewable source of energy will allow you to be socially responsible, thus contributing to your goodwill and reputation.

There are two models for rooftop solar panel installation for commercial operations which have been explained below:

CAPEX model: Under this model, the solar plant owner will bear 100% of the cost of the solar system installation upfront. Thus, he will own the system and can claim the tax and depreciation benefits (80% accelerated depreciation against the taxable income).   

RESCO or OPEX model: In this model, a third-party investor will invest in the Solar system installation on the consumer’s rooftop and then sell the solar power to the consumer. So, the consumer does not have to make any investment in the installation. The investor and the consumer will enter a power purchase agreement on a tariff (per kWh of solar power) for a set time period (typically 25 years).

We can execute large scale solar plant installations industrial businesses under both – the CAPEX and RESCO model.