top 5 reasons to buy Mitsubishi AC

5 Reasons why you should buy a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Leave a comment

  1. Global Market Leader Offering Best in Class Technologies: Mitsubishi offers long lasting cooling solutions through durability in their design along with advanced technologies. Mitsubishi Electric manufactures key parts such as compressor, motor and semiconductor on its own, which ensures an effective and a peaceful cooling experience for customers.
  2. Fast Cooling: Mitsubishi AC has one-touch powerful cool system ensures faster cooling thereby ensuring 10% more air flow than the “high speed” fan. This cools the room in less than 15 minutes and then automatically returns to the regular setting of the air conditioner.
  3. High-Power Compressor & Enhanced Motor Efficiency: Mitsubishi Electric has a proprietary technology for the compressor used in the Mitsubishi air conditioner that helps to achieve robust and long-term performance. Mitsubishi Electric’s another built in proprietary technology called “Poki-Poki Motor” significantly enhances the performance of the air conditioner, as it has more wires around the coil making it more efficient than a conventional motor.
  4. Highest Comfort and Cost Effective: Mitsubishi AC has an Econo Cool feature which is a one touch operation to automatically adjust the airflow direction based on the temperature at the air outlet. This enables the set temperature to be 2 degrees Celsius above conventional temperature settings without loss of comfort, thereby ensuring a 20% increase in energy efficiency. As such, the Mitsubishi AC offers greater comfort and savings.
  5. Dual Barrier Coating: Mitsubishi AC has a dual barrier coating which is an advanced technology preventing air conditioners from dirt and dust. It particularly helps in reducing the attachment of oil mist and dust that coats the air conditioners from the inside. Prevention of dirt ensures there is no bad smell and odours in the environment. The dual barrier coating technology is environment-friendly and does not cause harm to the ozone. The dual barrier coating technology used in the Mitsubishi AC also helps to protect the air conditioning unit from the corrosion and erosion and ensures the room is filled with cool, clean, and fresh air.

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