What are they?

Solar systems in urban cities like Delhi have seen a substantial growth in the past few years. Rooftop solar systems can be installed easily on your residential or commercial roofs without any structural changes required. The system involves the installation of Solar Panels on a metal frame, which is then connected to a solar inverter, batteries and electricity meter(depending on the solution you choose). These systems can help you reduce your electricity billy significantly and have a life of over 25 years. The two main types of solutions available are On-Grid and Off-Grid Solution.




  • On-Grid solar systems are connected to the electricity grid using a bidirectional meter. On-grid solar systems can only be installed in cities where net metering is available like New Delhi and are suitable for residential and commercial use.
  • These systems are lower in cost as compared to off-grid solar systems as there is no requirement for batteries to store electricity. Any deficit or excess electricity is taken or given to the grid.
  • There are some approvals required for this system, but we would take care of all of this and provide end to end services.



  • Off-Grid systems are designed to function without the support of the electric grid. They would produce electricity at the same rate as on-grid systems. However, the only difference is that they are not connected to the electricity grid and would normally be connected to batteries via a solar inverter.
  • The main advantage of getting an off-grid system is that they can be installed in any remote/rural location.
  • They can also be connected in parallel with your generator if you require more electricity than the capacity of your solar system.



How much area is required?

For a normal rooftop solar installation 100sqft is required for 1KW solar plant. However, this might vary depending on the site. You can book a free site evaluation with us on 09999661265.

Are any permission/approvals required?

There are no approvals required for off-grid systems. For on-grid systems, an approval is required and a request is made with the electricity office to change the meter. However, we would take care of them and make the approval requests on your behalf to provide you a hassle free experience.

Which is a better solution: Off-Grid or On-Grid?

Both the solutions have their advantages. It is normally recommended to get on-grid system installed as there are subsidies available on them. However, they cannot be installed in all cities due to net metering not being available.