Eapro 10KW On-Grid Solar Inverter EGT-10K


Eapro presents the powerful and the massive on-grid solar inverter EGT-10K, a 10 KW inverter. It is advisable to use only those who have installed solar panels array of 10KW. It is a 3 phase solar inverter with a max rated efficiency of 97.30% and MPPT efficiency of 99.90% thus giving you the maximum power on the go.


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Eapro presents a new 10KW on-grid solar inverter EGT-10K with a wider voltage range, lower starting voltage, and higher conversion efficiency (Max efficiency can reach 99%). This is a smart grid adaptive to meet the requirement of various power grid access. Aluminum casing, natural cooling, Ip65 protection level capacity. Now earn money with net metering and save money with lesser equipment and installation costs. the company gives you MPPT Based technology with the wall-mounted system which is more efficient and highly reliable.

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5 Year Manufacturing Warranty


10000 Watt

Max. DC input power (W) 11000
Max. DC input voltage (V) 1000
Starting voltage(V)/Min. operation voltage(V) 220/150
MPPT Range(V)/Rated input 120-450/360V 200-800/610V
Max. AC output current (A) 14
Grid voltage range 3/PE,230/400V
Grid frequency range 50Hz(47-51.5Hz)
THDi <3%(at rated power)
AC output 3-phase
Cooling method Natural cooling
Max. efficiency 98.30%
Euro-efficiency 97.80%
MPPT efficiency 99.90%
Protection degree IP65
Weight (kg) 23
Dimension (H x W x D mm) 575 x 360 x 150

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